Thursday, August 13, 2015

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Bring a Bag, Feed a Family
So far, our “Bring a Bag, Feed a Family” program has raised $9,645 for Hancock County food pantries. Of this amount, $2,402 was contributed by Rooster Brother on behalf of people bringing their own bags to use for their purchases. $7,243 was given by customers as additional donations.
Thank you all for participating in this program!

Our take on a legendary bread, dating back to Roman times, baked from scratch daily in our bakery.
The ingredients are simple: flour, water, butter, eggs, sugar, salt and yeast. The process involves two days of forming and a long, slow, cool rise.
Hearty but light, rich and airy, you’ll love them for everything from a PB&J to a burger just off the grill. They freeze beautifully and are excellent toasted.

Remember, with the magnificent La Marzocco espresso machine downstairs our baristas are standing by to pull you that perfect shot of our exclusive espresso blend or delicious Cappuccino, Latte, Caffe Mocha, Iced Latte, Iced Chai Latte, Iced Americano and more.

Tip from Round The Bend Smokehouse, Grill and Poetry Center- Long cooking and fatty cuts of meat are best cooked without any heat directly underneath. This cuts down on flare ups and thicker cuts cook more evenly. So arrange coals or gas grill burners accordingly.

Tips from Pamela's kitchen "When cracking an egg, tap it lightly on a flat surface, then open over the pan or bowl. Cracking on the side of the pan often makes a mess and leads to burning egg on the outside of your skillet."

"For the best non-stick cooking in any kind of pan always heat the pan first, then add the oil. Don’t start cooking until the oil is hot and shimmering."

"Got onions to peel? Soak them in hot water for fifteen minutes and the skins will slide right off."

"Peeling ginger is a chore. The best method, taught to us by Helen Chen, is to scrape the peel off using the edge of a teaspoon. It doesn’t seem like it will work, but it really does - thanks Helen!"

"Want to get more juice out of a lemon, lime, or orange? Microwave for 15 seconds or less before juicing. You'll be amazed at how much more you get."

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Have you tried our
Ultimate Chocolate Dessert?
We developed this flourless chocolate cake to celebrate Rooster Brother’s seventeenth anniversary. It was such a hit we had to keep making it. It’s fabulous with Fran’s raspberry syrup and a glass of Brachetto d’Aqui. It stores well in the freezer and keeps for at least a week in the fridge. To order, click here.

Brachetto d'Acqui is a unique red sparkling wine. Sweet and appealing, Brachetto may be enjoyed as a delicious aperitif, between-meal or after-dinner sparkler. Aromatic with a hint of rose petals and raspberries, Banfi Brachetto d'Acqui is perhaps the only wine in the world that marries well with chocolate, especially dark or bittersweet. Delightful, vivacious and aromatic, it can also be enjoyed with strawberries, fruit salads and a wide range of desserts.

For a long time we have carried what we believe are the finest peanuts available from The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg, Virginia.
NEW: 2 ounce shelled peanut packages, a perfect snack for on the go. For a sweeter bite we now have the 2 ounce Peanut Crunch Bar.

We also selected The Peanut Shop’s reformulated Wasabi Spiced Peanuts which they have packaged both by themselves and as a blend called YIN & YANG where they are mixed with Sweet Praline Glazed Peanuts. Or you can enjoy Sweet Praline Glazed Peanuts by themselves.

All hand made by us upstairs in our kitchen. We use only the best ingredients. We never add fillers or preservatives. There are six different varieties each crafted from authentic traditional recipes for that type of sausage.

Breakfast - all the traditional breakfast sausage flavors with a touch of liveliness that sets it apart
Sweet Italian
– Great straight off the grill or in sauces
Hot Italian – Sweet with a kick
Lamb – An Armenian recipe with bulgur and spices
Chorizo – A very spicy sausage, like the Spanish chorizo fresco. Essential for meat-based paellas
Andouille – The Cajun sausage used in gumbo. Ours is not smoked

If you are going to grill our sausages, or any sausage for that matter, grill them slowly over low heat. Never prick them with a fork; that lets all the flavorful juices out. Cook to an internal temperature of 155 degrees, then wrap in foil and rest for five minutes.

Made from recycled lobster trap float-rope
Float-rope is used by lobstermen to tether multiple traps together on the ocean floor. The problem with float-rope is that it can entangle whales, which sometimes leads to their injury or death. Now, Maine lobstermen are required to replace float-rope with sink-rope. Finally, without an appropriate recycling outlet, hundreds of thousands of pounds of this turned-in float-rope could end up in Maine landfills.

With government funds, the Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation purchases turned-in float-rope from Maine lobstermen. Then the rope is collected and turned into terrific, colorful and virtually indestructible doormats.

Monday-Saturday, 9:30-5:30; weekdays open at 7:30 AM downstairs. 

Thank you for your support,
George, Pamela and the staff at Rooster Brother